IoE Internet of Extrusion® solutions for Smart Factory thematics


3 October 2019

IoE Internet of Extrusion®

Smart Factory / Industry 4.0 Bandera’s solutions

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Bandera, Hall 17 C06, C07 will present @K2019 16-23 October in Dusseldorf Messe, some IoE Internet of Extrusion® solutions for Smart Factory thematics.

There are numerous terms that mean the same thing: Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Factory of Future (FoF EC definition), Smart Production, IIoT Industrial Internet of Things, Digital Factory …, Bandera coined and registered a simple term that indicates not only its solution for Smart Factory, and include what is needed for IoE to be complete.

Extrusion Knowledge® gathers the know-how of 70+ years in the construction and the running of plastics extrusion machinery, that has made Bandera a world leader.

“And time future contained in time past” (T S Eliot). This gives new life to the historic data, honouring all the work, experience and efforts of the engineers and the workers who made it happen by constructing the machineries and making them run, in order to satisfy society’s requests that in today’s Circular Economy need to be reconsidered.

Cognitive Extrusion® analyses the data and produces output information that enters the IoE system in order to offer to the customers advanced solutions for the typical issues related to the production via Preventive Maintenance and the more sophisticated Predictive Maintenance. The best optimisation of the production line via OEEE Overall Extrusion Effectiveness®, Deep Learning, AI solutions, Big Data analysis, Digital Twin for a more reactive and therefore more secure and safe work environment also thanks to the 5G ultra-low latency.

In the field of visualisation AR/VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) also with a 3D reconstruction will allow the operator to better interact and understand the processes for a simpler and more natural HMI (Human Machine Interface)

The solution shown at K, on the blown film line Barrier Flex Seven, has been developed in association with ABB

Bandera is a worldwide leader, with 70+ years of experience, in the production of plastics/bioplastics extrusion machinery with more than 35,000 installations in 75+ countries. Packaging, industrial and food, are main applications of its lines.

K fair is the world’s premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry – 19 exhibition halls, 262,000 sq. m of hall space and 43,000 sq. m of outdoor space, 3,293 exhibitors and 232,000 visitors, K fair is held every 3 years.

For more info: Giovanni A. della Rossa – Innovation & IP Manager
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