The Bandera resolute answer for achieving 100% recyclate to 100% recyclable products, satisfying PET trays circularity.

Extrusion coating system completing the standard PET rigid film production of all customers.

In-line or off-line (“roll-to-roll”) installation avoiding any distress to existing production lines.

tray to tray

VelPET ® AND Lighter Packaging®

Innovative idea stimulating the creation of new products – in cooperation with strategic partners – for a more sustainable future in the plastic packaging environment.

All these words to describe the original patented Bandera structural E-PET foam film production (VelPET ®) to provide Lighter Packaging (recyclable) solutions by replacing the ordinary rigid packaging in PS and PET.


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Flat die

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pet lines


The top level PET technology available in the worldwide market, developed in the last 20 years thanks to the proactive teamwork between Bandera Technical Dept. and its final customers.
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smart duty


Being one of the Bandera bestseller equipment, the key factor of the SmartDuty® line is the repeatability of the projects all over the world.
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special technologies

Special Technologies

Bandera’s special technologies relate to coating processes, lamination, High-Tech Cast Film Lines, drafting equipment (MDO – Machine Direction Orientation), VelPET® Lightweight Packaging.
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