Initial focusing on offering Extrusion lines pursuing excellent mechanical characteristics, weldability, processability and printability, today the market trends require minimized film thickness aimed at maximizing product capacity up to 450 kg/h (based on HDB size).

Bandera has taken on this new challenge finding out specific solutions to meet its customers’ individual needs, thus confirming – once again – its outstanding strong customer satisfaction orientation.

Specifically, innovative solutions have been applied in each and every Extrusion line section.

The most outstanding ones are:

  • Triple-flow cooling ring, which offers a strongly enhanced production capacity when combined with Bandera design Extrusion heads
  • Specific haul-off units with cutting-edge film cooling system for a better creaseless film surface – a solution setting the pace in innovation in HDB Film field
  • Integrated thickness control
  • Fully-automated winding station, either by contact or by axial winding


Searching for the right solution? We are happy to consult with you which solutions best fit your needs.

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blown film

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Agri FutureFilm

The lines allow the production of agrifilm and higher thickness film – such as geomembranes for waterproofing – by using the same co-extrusion head and with reduced setup times.
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Geo FutureFilm

Geomembrane can be textured on one or both sides; a plain strip can be obtained to ease welding.
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packaging and converting

Packaging & Converting

Bandera supplies complete extrusion lines for the production of monolayer and multilayer film – 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 layers.
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