For over 20 years, Bandera has been introducing and upgrading a state-of-the-art extrusion system for the production of PET film and sheet by extruding both virgin and recycled PET.

Bandera Extrusion lines can reach an hourly output of over 2.5 tons.

The standard raw material for the core layer obtained with the twin-screw extruder is 100% recycled PET from post-consumer bottle flakes and/or thermoforming scraps and/or recycled PET from bottle pre-forms.

Usually, with Bandera lines, manufacturers use virgin PET material in the outer barrier layers (functional barrier up to 7.5% for each layer) to obtain the classic ABA structure.

All Bandera plants for PET sheet production for the thermoforming and converting (FFS) sectors offer:

  • Maximum flexibility to process all packaging materials: PET (R-PET), C-PET, PET-G, PP, PS, PLA
  • HVTSE® co-rotating twin-screw extruders (process without dehumidification)
  • Melt super-filtration systems
  • Hi-tech flat Extrusion heads (automatic or manual) with internal shutters
  • In-line film lamination systems
  • Coating or spray coating systems for the application of technical solutions
  • Wide range of customer-specific winders
  • International patent for the production of innovative PET foam
  • European Patent EP2376267 B1
  • US Patent 9114562B2


AlphaPET® is an innovative extrusion line that – thanks to the inclusion of cutting – edge technologies – satisfies the most exigent production targets in a wide range of applications.

pet lines


Being one of the Bandera bestseller equipment, the key factor of the SmartDuty® line is the repeatability of the projects all over the world.

smart duty


The Bandera resolute answer for achieving 100% recyclate to 100% recyclable products, satisfying PET trays circularity.

tray to tray