The House of Extrusion

House of Extrusion®

The most innovative European extrusion centre for packaging and converting is Bandera.

The brand new centre, housing R&D activities and wet tests on complete production lines, is 6000 m2 and it is the result of a € 4 million investment.

The House of Extrusion® is a pragmatic sign of Bandera’s vision.

Jointly with customers, industry, academia and research centres, Bandera opens the doors to create new solutions that anticipate the market needs.
Bandera R&D team is focussed daily on developing innovative solutions in the following extrusion technologies.
You can develop R&D in the House of Extrusion® either independently or in joint collaboration with us in order, if you wish, to create a new IP (Intellectual Property) portfolio.

house of extrusion

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House of Extrusion®

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