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Bandera supplies complete extrusion lines for the production of monolayer and multilayer film – 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 layers – for technical packaging (industrial, food, medical-pharmaceutical, lamination and converting industries).
In order to meet all specific customer’s requirements, Bandera has developed different line typologies in this field.

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SmartFlex® – Blown Film lines, characterized by a competitive investment level, maximized flexibility for different applications/recipes, power consumption reduction, functional and compact layout featuring frames modularity
SmartFlex® pursues:
• Quality
• Flexibility
• Reliability
• Low power consumption
• Low environmental impact

The achieved cost savings comes from series production, all general costs are split into a large number of lines thus generating an economy of scale at procurement stage.

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The SmartFlex® series can be configured either in 1, 3 or 5 layers and comprises different versions:
– SmartFlex® Plus: higher winding quality, given by axial driven mandrel allowing combined winding mode
– SmartFlex® HP: higher output, given by increased extruders sizing
– SmartFlex® HP Plus: combining the two a.m. features
– SmartFlex® HDB: to combine SmartFlex® standard products with the production of HDB/FFS film

SmartFlex® width range goes from 1,200 mm net up to 2,600 mm net.
• Excellent mid- and long-term yield
• Excellent cost effectiveness
• “Made in Italy” – “Made in Bandera”
• User-friendly line management
• Best performances in processing biodegradable and compostable materials
SmartFlex® extrusion line production includes:
• Packaging film (food and non-food film)
• Thermo-shrink film
• Lamination film
• Stretch-hood film

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Techno FLEX® – Blown Film lines for the production of top performance high-tech multi-layer film (3 and 5 layers)
Undoubtedly, film coextrusion represents the most consolidated technology for the production of advanced multipurpose packaging solutions.
The standard configuration comprises a central high-capacity extruder, arranged with smaller extruders intended for the outer layers. Techno FLEX® lines are fully accessorized getting top quality high-tech film through upgraded components. Among them it is worth mentioning the top range winder ESR-9000 series, which allows 3 winding methods: contact, axial and gap
Rely on strong customisation, Bandera extrusion lines are characterized by production need orientation, top versatility and safety, combined with minimized power consumption.