The association between PET and Bandera is a natural one, as there are more than 300 flake extrusion plants worldwide. This experience has made it possible to develop a machine suitable for the recycling sector, one that fully meets customers’ needs by not only delivering a good granule but also setting new market standards.

Bandera’s strategy in the treatment of PET flakes revolves around its patented HVTSE®. This consists of a high vacuum degassing twin-screw with a length of 52 diameters, which minimises material degradation.

To follow the market trend, Bandera’s proposal is to supply plants with high flow rates aimed at triggering economies of scale through which an easier ROI value can be achieved.

Twin PET

Rewriting quality standards

Bandera’s long experience in the world of PET, with over 300 flake treatment plants worldwide, has allowed the development of a technology not only capable of delivering a quality granule, but also of redefining new market standards, offering plants with high capacities and with a minimum kWh/kg energy incidence for being able to prime economies of scale to ensure a better return on investment.

Recycling PET Bottles