Technical Services

Quality is crucial, at every production step – design, manufacturing and technical service.
Prior verification of material excellence and monitoring of suppliers.

Ongoing checks on the product at every production stage, and quality control of finished products.
Material and product identification and traceability, and ongoing testing of measuring and testing instruments.

The range of services that Bandera offers are aimed at increasing productivity, reducing waste, improving product quality or adding new capabilities without making a major investment.


Bandera After – Sales Program includes:

  • guarantee on demand over 24 months
  • on site personalized training for new applications and engineering services
  • fast and appropriate technical service that takes care of mechanical, electronic and processing issues
  • service centres covering the global market around the clock and around the world field service
  • offers for effective spare parts packages and assistance in identifying and securing parts for your equipment
  • servicing plants for extraordinary maintenance and maintenance programs
  • revamping of existing equipment and complete lines to ensure optimal productivity and product quality
  • a dedicated plant for R&D, industrial tests and complete line wet trials in a detached room


An efficient and responsive customer service is one of the essential strengths of our global business.

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You can rely on Bandera®’s experienced and knowledgeable staff to provide efficient advice on upgrading / revamping extrusion lines.

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Being supplied technologically advanced spare parts means applying successful plants revamp, with measurable performance benefits.

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Was designed with the aim of creating an agile, modular system that optimises plant automation and introduces innovative functionality.

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