Agri FutureFilm

Bandera is a worldwide leader in the production of complete multilayer Blown Film big plants dedicated to Agri FutureFilm®. Nowadays, 5 and 7 layers coextrusion lines are preferred as they satisfy the current requirements for agrifilm.

The multi-layer film ensures an enhanced management of raw process materials and optimized additive distribution in every layer, thus increasing film physical and mechanical properties as well as light and heat transmission: as a consequence, the film life cycle is increased.

Bandera Agrifilm coextrusion line flexibility and versatility is increasingly appreciated by customers, considering that agrifilm is a seasonal product.

Considering that agrifilm is generally a seasonable product, Bandera coextrusion lines flexibility and versatility are increasingly appreciated by customers, as with the same coextrusion head and minimized set-up times, same line can produce agrifilm as well as thicker films (e.g. waterproofing geomembrane). This is a valuable chance to have an all-year-round profitable coextrusion line.



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blown film

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