Intellectual Property

IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) are critical tools that Bandera, through its significant investment, transfers to the customer in every machine that we build. Buying a Bandera line means acquiring our specialised IP experience, embodied in our machines.
Bandera has the capacity to gather together its own expertise, ideas and innovation from multiple disciplines in order to compete in an environment of increasingly complex technology to find the best solution for each application.
Customers at Bandera are business partners that benefit from our R&D implicit in our IP model. We share ideas with our customers in order to foster the creativity enabling new discoveries for innovative solutions and products to bring to the market.
Our IP is available for licensing and new IP could be jointly developed, sharing knowledge and investments for the common benefits.
Creating a bond with our customers is crucial in developing long lasting relationships, guiding each other towards the future while protecting our investments and know-how.
The recent opening of The House Of Extrusion® continues in this direction. Jointly with our customers, we develop new solutions for the market needs, and open doors to create innovative new products that anticipate the needs of the market.

For any questions about our IP and Technology Transfer  please contact
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