Condor Line

Bandera launches the most advanced technology learning hub for the packaging & converting industry.

A brand new way to support converters in challenging innovative production targets; a unique way for sharing knowledge and innovation with the investors.
This project embodies a large “incubator of ideas” and acts as a valuable instrument of the industry for applied research on a dedicated extrusion line with a productivity responding to industrial assets

Research for optimised performances

  • excellent barrier effect to prolong the shelf-life of packaged products, with standard or innovative materials
  • improved mechanical and physical properties by the combination of rigid layers with flexible layers; by lamination as well as direct extrusion coating
  • lightweight recyclable packaging films.

Testing of new materials

  • extensive use of compostable or biodegradable materials in complex structures
  • extensive use of mineral fillers blended into the melt, optimising both rigid and foamed films
  •  the latest development of purification technologies for recycled materials to be used in direct contact with food.


The equipment is also available for intensive training courses.
The Bandera Laboratory and Academy are available to extrusion converters: to run preliminary granulation tests or to adjust dedicated compound formulations or even to mix raw materials with sophisticated fillers.

Sharing of research with NDA

The Condor Line® is mainly a Flat Die line created to share unique knowledge, thanks to the synergy of multiple technologies.
At the House of Extrusion®, in cooperation with Bandera, Companies can manage new projects, improvements and applied research on products and workflow with trials.

Sharing of pre-production & experimentation

Thanks to the Condor Line® Programme it is possible to produce samples and run pre-production trials ready for marketing.
Checking film performances and verifying working procedures are part of know how acquisition through real full scale trials.

condor line
condor line


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Condor line

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