Twin PET

Rewriting quality standards

Bandera’s long experience in the world of PET, with over 300 flake treatment plants worldwide, has allowed the development of a technology not only capable of delivering a quality granule, but also of redefining new market standards, offering plants with high capacities and with a minimum kWh/kg energy incidence for being able to prime economies of scale to ensure a better return on investment.

The patent HVTSE®,patent is based on the co-rotating twin-screw extrusion technology, with a length ratio of 52 diameters, designed to ensure a very high degassing efficiency while minimizing material degradation.

Twin pet


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Energy saving

No pre-treatments, low pressures in the extrusion chamber and low level of shear stress drastically reduce the energy demand, up to a specific consumption of 0.21 kWh/kg (excluding chillers and material handling).

No yellowing

No pre-treatment on the flake (densification or drying), with zero risk of yellowing and the need to use dyes as correctors.

High capacity

Production up to 5 t/h with a single extruder.

Chemical properties

HVTSE® gentle process minimizes the stress the material is subjected to, preserving the integrity of the polymer chains whose breakage would generate IV drop.


Extreme flexibility in the use of recycled materials available on the market (post- consumer from bottles and/or trays) and deriving from internal industrial waste (trims, starter reels, sprues, etc.).


Searching for the right solution? We are happy to consult with you, which solutions best fit your needs.

The materials

PET bottle flakes PCR
PET flat film waste PIR
PET skeleton waste PIR
PET dust/fines PCR
PET trays PCR
PET washing plant waste PCR


TwinPET 1600

Capacity 1.100 – 1.600 kg/h /

TwinPET 2300

Capacity 1.700 – 2.300 kg/h

TwinPET 3000

Capacity 2.400 – 3.000 kg/h

TwinPET 4000

Capacity 3.100 – 4.000 kg/h

TwinPET 5000

Capacity 4.100 – 5.000 kg/h

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Easy, stable, circular

Thanks to the synergy between Bandera technology and Polymetrix, market leader in the production of SSP, it is possible to reach the “bottle grade” through the process of solid state postpolycondensation.

The extruder HVTSE®, suitable to be coupled to any SSP system, achieves extraordinary results in combination with the SSP of Polymetrix, only to work with the principle of nitrogen instead of only vacuum.

The results of the by-products are particularly relevant since they have given results far below the market average with Bandera-Polymetrix combination.

SSPs benefit from using HVTSE® Bandera plant:

Decontamination in the extrusion phase

Minimum yellowing

Bottle To Bottle