Any Ma®

Any Ma® was created with the aim of creating an agile, modular system that optimises plant automation and introduces innovative functionality.

Thanks to special libraries, the system guarantees a reduction in commissioning times and gives the service department an enormous advantage in the time it takes to solve any problems.

The Any Ma® system is particularly suitable for customers who want to purchase a machine with a high degree of automation, and who are able to receive dedicated support to minimise downtime.

ANY MA helps the customer to create an innovative production environment using Siemens Unified.

The benefits of Any Ma®:

  • Design operator interface, studied by User Experience experts, to give the operator all the functions he needs with an extremely fast learning time;
  • SW modularity of the core with managed and constantly maintained libraries.
  • Speed in commissioning and remote assistance service;
  • Release of updates, even after commissioning, on lines with standard functionality;
  • Based on the Siemens TIA Portal and Unified platform, released in a stable version a few months ago, it guarantees a lasting investment in both software (PLC, Motion, HMI, SCADA) and hardware;
  • Product recipes, material recipes and reporting, trend analysis;
  • Possibility of revamping extrusion lines from any manufacturer (after assessing the existing hardware and possibly proposing an upgrade), with the aim of homogenising the user experience by integrating the functions and features of the new generation lines.

Extra functionality:

  • Autopilot, starts the machine autonomously depending on the production to be carried out;
  • Wizard, facilitates the work of less experienced operators with wizards;
  • Automatic Purge, automatic cleaning of the extruders at the end of production, saving time and material;
  • Cam Inspection, a system of strategically placed cameras allows you to monitor machine performance remotely and offer remote assistance, an unrivalled advantage in speedy troubleshooting, even with less experienced operators;
  • Dashboarding, for an overview of the machine’s operating status, both in terms of production and energy, even from a mobile device;
  • Datalogging, historising the use of production and other data on customer and other relational databases;
  • Format change, support for automatic format change to speed up production changes with less material waste.

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