Bandera – Innovation, globalisation and after-sales support – NPE 2024

Bandera innovation at the NPE2024 trade show

NPE2024, from 6 to 10 May 2024 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida (USA), is one of the most important trade fairs in which Bandera – Extrusion Intelligence® will be participating in the coming weeks among the industry’s leading players.

Bandera expanded its business exponentially over the decades. It was originally established as a machine shop in the 1940s and has become a prestigious and prominent player in the field of plastic extrusion for packaging & converting, with four business units operating (Blown Film, Flat Die, Recycling, Service).

Since 2020 Bandera is more deeply rooted in the U.S. market with a new subsidiary, Bandera U.S., which in 2024 opened its own physical headquarters in Charlotte (North Carolina), led by general manager Mattia Gambarotto, consisting of a sales office for the United States and Canada, a spare parts warehouse and an after-sales service with on-site personnel.

To consolidate the new company’s landing on U.S. soil, Bandera will bring to NPE – for the first time ever – a working 5-layer co-extrusion line, Techno Flex® PO5, which is at the forefront of the production of a wide range of polyolefin-based films for the manufacture of shrink film, print lamination and gusseted film.

The key elements of the line:

  • 4-component gravimetric loading and dosing system for extruder
  • Extrusion system 65/65/85/65/65
  • 5-layer co-extrusion extrusion head with 300 mm Ø die
  • Dual-flow cooling ring
  • Automatic film thickness correction control
  • Slides with slat and roller exchange and 4 m bellows
  • Double calibration cage and oscillating tow bar
  • TRIM FLEX® regranulator system
  • Cutting units
  • Two-station winder in face-to-face configuration
  • Turret
  • HMI Line Control – ANY MA®

At NPE2024, Bandera will be joined by high-profile partners such as DOW for the supply of polymers, FIAPTECH for plastic cores, FORTISBLADES for the distribution of cutting blades TEKIMA for the supply of industrial cables and FRIGOSYSTEM COREMA for industrial chillers and thermoregulation systems.

At this exhibition, Bandera will be launching – without physically presenting it on site – the innovative TWIN FLEX®, a process that condenses recycling (with Bandera’s corotating twin-screw) and blown extrusion into a single step, bypassing pelletising and guaranteeing an economic and process advantage.

Bandera continues to invest in the global improvement of after-sales support, placing particular focus on customer service with the creation of local services in order to reduce waiting times.

In addition, Bandera strengthens the development of Any Ma®, an innovative line control software completely developed in-house, aimed at optimising plant automation and reducing service intervention times. This ensures more efficient management and greater system reliability.

NPE 2024, 6-10 May 2024 | Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida (USA) | BOOTH W6861

For any further information please contact Andrea Gorla – Marketing & Communication Manager

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