BANDERA AT PLAST 2023 – New challenges, recycling and innovation


Bandera – Extrusion Intelligence® will be appearing at Stand 121/122, Hall 15 of Plast – the International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition from Tuesday 5 to Friday 8 September 2023.

Plast returns in 2023 after a five-year gap and will be focusing strongly on the key topics of the circular economy, sustainability, energy saving, recycling and eco-design. Involving almost 1,000 companies, the following prestigious satellite exhibitions will also be taking place: Plast-Mat, dedicated to the exploration of polymeric materials, Rubber, aimed at the rubber industry, and 3D Plast, focused on additive manufacturing.

In 2022 Bandera proudly celebrated its 75th anniversary, a remarkable milestone and testament to its consolidated experience and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Originally founded as a mechanical workshop in the 1940s, today Bandera is a global leader in the extrusion of plastic materials for packaging & converting, with four business units:

  • Production of extrusion equipment for flexible film – Blown Film
  • Production of extrusion lines for rigid film – Flat Die
  • Post-consumer or post-industrial recycling – Recycling
  • After-sales assistance – Service

At Plast 2023 Bandera will be at Stand 121/122 in Hall 15, an area dedicated to interaction with the public, where it will be presenting the four business units.

Through the installation of a console, the launch of Any Ma®, an innovative piece of software designed, developed and produced exclusively by Bandera, will continue. Any Ma® makes it possible to optimise plant automation and reduce service intervention times, with features aimed at ensuring:

  • Extremely fast learning times
  • Fast commissioning and remote assistance
  • Line updates with standard functionalities
  • The guarantee of long-term investments in software and hardware
  • Product recipes, materials, reporting and trend analysis
  • The renewal of extrusion lines to test and integrate new functionalities

In parallel with its presence at the fair, Bandera has decided to hold its own dedicated Open House, once again opening the doors of its testing room, the House of Extrusion®, to visitors.

During the Open House, various on-site plants in the different divisions will be visible.

The Recycling division consists of four machines:

  • Twin FLE Post-industrial polyolefin recycling plant
  • PET BOTTLE-TO-BOTTLE Plant for recycling PET from plastic bottles
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds) & ODOUR REMOVAL Granule decontamination system
  • Reel FLE Off-line system for post-industrial waste recovery

The Blown Film division consists of plants dedicated to flexible film:

  • Techno FLEX® 5-LAYER + Trim FLEX® TRIM RECOVERY SYSTEM plant dedicated to the production of high-performance multilayer film with renewed design and new technical solutions, continuation of the new machine announced at the K 2022 show within-line system for waste/trim recovery
  • BARRIER FLE 5-layer line for barrier applications

The Flat Die division consists of rigid film plants:

  • ALPHAPET® Rigid film extrusion line equipped with special lamination for laminating barrier and non-barrier polyolefin films

The EA Extrusion Academy® division, the company laboratory that carries out industrial-scale R&D activities.

During the Open House it will be possible to see some of the projects:

  • MDO Industrial-scale R&D project
  • CONDOR LINE® is a Flat Die line designed to share R&D programmes thanks to the combination of multiple technologies
  • TWIN SCREW BLOWN FILM Blown film line equipped with twin-screw extruder for direct recovery

Participating at Plast 2023 represents another opportunity for Bandera to consolidate and strengthen its leadership position in the industry. During the event, the company will focus its attention on three key strategic points.

Bandera will have the privilege of being joined by a select group of first-class suppliers, leading players in the industry.

Those accompanying Bandera during the Open House will include FRILVAM SPA, leading suppliers of Masterbatches & Additives, who will contribute their experience and innovative solutions. Also present will be EXXONMOBIL, well-known suppliers of raw materials and guarantee of quality and reliability in every area of production.

The presence of INFINITO, specialists in the supply of regenerated material, underlines Bandera’s commitment to Recycling. Meanwhile, FORTISBLADES, suppliers of state-of-the-art razor blades, bring unrivalled precision and quality to plastic processing.

Finally, FIAPTECH stand out as exceptional suppliers of plastic cores, providing tailor-made solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of finished products.


The return of Plast after a gap of five years gives Bandera the chance to meet customers and visitors from all over the world and showcase its expertise.


Bandera officially entered the recycling market in 2020, positioning itself as a new player in the design and development of plants for the treatment of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic materials.


The Service sector, focused on after-sales assistance, has become a key component of Bandera’s corporate strategy in recent years. The company offers a 24/7 service that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, providing remote support for the troubleshooting of any problems on machinery, providing technical assistance and predictive maintenance based on acquired and analysed data.

Bandera is also committed to providing on-site training, working directly on machines, as well as remote training to optimise troubleshooting times. To further expand the Service sector, two international offices have been opened in Shanghai and the US. These two strategic sites have enabled Bandera to consolidate its presence in the Chinese and American markets. In Shanghai liaison offices with dedicated sales and customer service staff were opened.

Bandera U.S. is a subsidiary of the Bandera Group and has a more complex structure, including a sales and after sales team responsible for the U.S. and Canada as well as professionals specialising in after-sales service and spare parts inventory management.

Plast – International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition – Milan, 5-8 September 2023 – Hall 15 – Stand 121/122. For any further information please contact Andrea Gorla – Marketing & Communication Manager

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