Packaging & recycling | Arese, Italy

Bandera at Packaging & recycling, Arese


5 Jun 2024
6 Jun 2024


Continue the debate and roundtable necessary for the development of sustainable technologies and products in the field of plastics. Contributing to the main discussion events are all industry professionals, for a global involvement of the supply chain that allows not to overlook important aspects in determining and calculating the sustainability of an entire product life cycle.
One of the most important events, “Packaging & Recycling 2024,” is scheduled for June 5 and 6 in the usual wonderful venue of the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum, in Arese (MI).

The protagonists of the discussion are plastic packaging and their life cycle, and in the sixth edition of this meeting, the announced themes appear to be of the highest quality, also given the choice of speakers.
Also on the agenda is the thorny issue of the new Regulation on packaging and packaging waste (PPWR) proposed by the European Commission, which is causing discussion and, in some ways, concern in the sector, due to some inconsistencies or implementation difficulties, as well as the speed with which it demands certain adjustments.
Manufacturers of packaging, recyclers of plastic materials, and technology suppliers in search of new solutions capable of combining high performance and environmental respect are invited to Packaging & Recycling 2024.
There will also be some testimonials from the world of research, universities, and important “brand owner” companies who will illustrate their strategies in the field of packaging and the evolution of consumer choices.

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