Bandera and the Asian market

Bandera and the Asian market: after sales service and presence

Since, starting from the early 90’s, Bandera’s business relationships with the Silk Road’s homeland have always been very successful, in 2008 Bandera decided to open his first Chinese Representative Office based in Beijing.

From Beijing to Shanghai

In 2018, as the Chinese trade axis was shifting from Beijing area to Shanghai, Bandera Representative Office followed this trend and moved from the political capital of the country to its new financial/trading capital.

The Bandera team in Shanghai

Eric Zhang, besides being Chief Representative Officer in Shanghai, is also Bandera reference person across the whole territory of China.

Recently Mr. Edward Zhang has joined Bandera Chinese Branch. Edward, strong of his wide experience in the extrusion field, will be primarily focus on sales activities.

After sales service team

In Asia, just like anywhere else in the world, Bandera’s duty isn’t fulfilled with sale and commissioning of the equipment, but it goes into after sales service thanks to the local presence of our specialised technical staff, able to meet any need that may arise.

Needless to say, the real-time link to Bandera headquarters in Italy is always active.

Remote commissioning

2020, a difficult year, due to the travel restrictions generated by the global pandemic of Covid-19, made Bandera to re-think new ways to install and commission the equipment. Specifically, thanks to the supervision and the local organization of Bandera Shanghai Representative Office, Bandera managed to deliver and commission total 7 blown film extrusion lines for heavy duty bags and a hot section of a flat die extrusion plant.

As a matter of facts, the assembling and start-up of all the extrusion lines didn’t require any physical travel by Bandera staff, as making use the new technologies, it was carried out remotely from Bandera’s Italian facility with the support of the qualified local technical team.

In all this, Eric hasn’t only been the primary contact person between Bandera and the Customers, but during the process of remote commissioning has also acted as the “connection-ring” between the Italian control room and Customer’s facility in China.

Bandera’s next projects intended for the Asian market

Two new extrusion lines for the production of FFS-HDB film are being manufactured, one of which with a 5-layer configuration.

This appears to open a new technology frontier in China: 5-layer film is in fact a new entry on the Far East market, so far more likely oriented towards the more conventional 3 layers technology.

The upgrade in multi-layer products, which took place already time ago in the food packaging and agricultural film, now involves industrial packaging as well. One of the many benefits of this new concept, in full compliance with the new trends of the Circular Economy, is the possibility to use recycled polymers in variable percentage. Furthermore, this line boasts higher production performances along with better mechanical properties of the film and a reduced energy consumption

Meet the 5-layer FFS-HDB (heavy duty bag)

Next summer, there will be the chance to see the 5-layer FFS-HDB extrusion line running at THOE The House of Extrusion, Bandera R&D center based in Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy. The line will also be at everyone’s disposal to carry out tests with their own raw materials – if interested, please contact the below reference people.

For any further information, please contact:

Luca Magni

Senior Sales Manager


Mobile: +39 348 7675598

Office: +39 0331 398.120

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