Triple order for Innovation Agricultural

The request for blown film plants is growing continuously, especially for lines dedicated to agricultural applications, a market where Bandera brand is considered a worldwide leader.

The market trend is recently oriented towards plants able to produce 7 layers recipes with film open width up to 18 m. Bandera has achieved at the last quarter of 2016 three orders for innovative lines called “Agrifuture Film”.

Mexico, Italy and Great Britain are the line destinations; the customers decided to trust in Bandera’s technology, not only for the excellent performances and long-term reliability, but also for the accurate post-sales technical end process service available.

Bandera designs, with highly qualified engineers, ground-breaking blown film extrusion lines, 100% in house manufactured in Busto Arsizio.

The new lines will create opportunities for plastic converters to get further customised plants, allowing them to develop their own business in agrifilm by counting on innovative technologies.

The complete productive range of the new Bandera “Agrifuture film” lines includes:

  • Thickness film range: 30 ÷ 220 μm
  • Open width: up to 24 m with possibility to wind semi or full automatic
  • Die Ø manufacturing capability: up to 2500 mm and over
  • Output: up to 2000 kg/h and over
  • Layers: 3, 5 and 7

Bandera supplies complete extrusion lines for the production of multilayer film – 3, 5, 7 and 9 layers – for technical packaging (food, medical-pharmaceutical, lamination and converting industries).

Bandera provides know-how and innovative technologies applied to the processing of cutting edge thermoplastic materials for the production of industrial bags (HDB/FFS), carrier bags and bags of different shapes and sizes in HDPE or in biodegradable material, as well as shrink film and special film for aviation and wind power application.

Bandera is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing complete extrusion lines for the production of Agrifilm (high output, multilayer, width more than 22 m, special extrusion heads with diameter of more than 2,600 mm).

Bandera also supplies complete extrusion lines for the production of thick geomembrane film for use in civil and industrial waterproofing systems.