Technology for the Extrusion of Industrial Packaging

Experience and Technology for the Extrusion of Industrial Packaging

Bandera is one of the most important international players in the design and manufacturing of complete lines for the extrusion of both Blown Films and Rigid Films/ Sheet based on Flat Die technology, moving forward to the future in the recycling sector, with many innovative ideas.

Bandera’s history has always been based on growth and innovation: since the manufacturing of the first extruder, in the second half of the past century, up to the supply of future-oriented technological extrusion lines, that Bandera currently designs, manufactures and assembles for both established and new customers throughout the world.

Bandera’s Mission, stated in words and evidenced through facts, is “Extruding Future Plastics Now®”. Its primary goal is to build up and establish itself as the most important Centre of Excellence in Europe and in the world, specialised in the supply of extrusion technology to the industry of plastics, continually oriented towards a Circular Economy.

Film for Packaging

The sector in which Bandera has always played a primary role is that of the creation of technologies and machinery addressed to the production of films for Industrial Packaging applications.

Bandera supplies complete extrusion lines for the production of single and multi-layer Films (3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 layers), suitable for technical packaging addressed to the food, industrial, lamination, converting and printing sectors.

Bandera technologies for Packaging and Converting

Bandera has so far developed numerous technologies to respond to the specific requirements of the packaging sector. The solutions proposed by our company, to name a few, all duly patented, i.e.: Smart FLEX®, Techno FLEX® e Barrier FLEX® for the Blown Film sector with ALPHAPET® PURe® for the Flat Die sector, respond to specific requirements and produce unmatched advantages.

The Food-packaging challenge in Circular Economy

The industrial packaging sector devoted to food-grade packaging products presents a challenge Bandera has accepted long since, notwithstanding the significant investments required in terms of safety, product verifying, research and development.

The regulations governing food-grade packaging films are very stringent and imply having to adopt high-technology processes and materials. From the mechanical point of view, the synergy between the Bandera HVTSE® and the PURe® technologies allows the achievement of features ranking higher than those of their market average counterparts in the sector of PET thermoformed packaging. Thanks to the adoption of the PURe®, the Bandera specific system for the purification of recycled materials used in the extrusion process, the multi-layer and super-clean rPET sheets can be considered the simplest and safest choice for the production of food-grade packaging films, in compliance with FDA and EFSA directives.

Packaging Forward®: we look ahead

Bandera adopted this mantra in 2018 when, with the “Packaging Forward® campaign, acquired a preeminent role as a major extrusion maker in the packaging sector and definitely asserted its undiscussed leading position. In fact, all companies globally involved in the treatment of raw materials must commit themselves to searching for sustainable solutions, both oriented towards protecting the environment and, concurrently, towards promoting the sector in the global market. The only viable solution to pursue this target is the research and development of new technologies.

Bandera’s commitment in this direction was evident since the 1980s’, when it started pursuing the development and application of sustainable technologies, never neglecting other aspects, such as process and product performances. In fact, Bandera made a huge step forward in its extrusion technology, permitting the use of increasing percentages of recycled materials in the extrusion process addressed to the production of food-grade packaging products.

This was achieved through the design, manufacturing and testing of a newly conceived co-rotating twin-screw extruder, with continuous innovation in the subsequent decades. Among such innovations, we can cite high vacuum venting and superfiltration to obtain high melt purification. Throughout the years and up to the present, Bandera has achieved the use of 100%-recycled materials in the extrusion process with further innovations herein cited above, up to obtaining a fully recycled and recyclable final product. This was done in compliance with FDA and EFSA directives and in full respect of the environment and, thereby, Bandera has gained its full right to adopt the mantra Packaging Forward®.

For this reason, it is essential to look ahead to innovation and to the future, in order to target productively and properly the current packaging scenario.

Extrusion of recycled, recyclable and organic materials

One of the fundamental variables in the sustainable extrusion technologies is the possibility of also choosing environmentally sustainable materials to process. For this reason, Bandera has also widened its scope and currently designs, manufactures and supplies complete extrusion lines for the processing of bio-compostable materials.

Words and Actions: Condor Line®

This is the complete Bandera extrusion line conceived for production and testing, recently installed at the company’s headquarters. The Condor Line® embodies the complete Flat Die Technology programme and also comprises an extrusion coating system, made available by Bandera to investors who want to run experimental tests with new materials (recycled and/or organic), as well as with innovative packaging technologies.

A 35-metre tower for Blown Film testing

This tower is currently installed in the latest factory wing built at Bandera headquarters in Busto Arsizio (Varese). It is dedicated to the testing of high-sized Blown Film extrusion lines. This newly built area is further evidence of Bandera’s effective commitment in the continued implementation of innovative and sustainable technologies, aimed at being the only viable forward move for the industry of modern packaging products.

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