Rigid Film: 4 Flat Die lines, simultaneously operating, for 4 innovative extrusion technologies

THOE (The House of Extrusion®) SPECIAL OPENING dedicated to Rigid Film Extrusion lines

The most innovative European Packaging and Converting Extrusion Centre opens its doors for a special occasion, until December 17th, to show experts and potential investors 4 complete Rigid Film Extrusion Lines, simultaneously operating. The Lines, based on Flat Die technology, are all equipped with inter-connectable 4.0 control systems and energy-saving solutions to minimize power consumption.

Line for the production of PET/PLA Rigid Multilayer Films, with organic barrier, suitable for coffee capsules – ranging up to 1450 mm

The AlphaPET® Line is capable of processing PET, PETG, CPET, PLA, PP, PS and organic resins. Its technology fulfils the requirements of a large range of applications.

Line for the production of Rigid Multilayer Films for packaging in PP, highly filled PP, PET, foamed and filled PET, compact and foamed PS

The line allows the production of Lightweight Rigid Packaging Film based on the physical foaming process. One of Bandera’s priorities is the use of recyclable materials for the production of Lightweight Films (Lighter Packaging®) with the same qualities of traditional Rigid Films.

Condor Line® with an in-line extrusion coating system for Multilayer Technical Rigid Films made of different thermoplastic or biocompostable materials – up to 11 layers – dedicated to industrial trials for the achievement of innovative packaging materials

In 2019 the Condor Line® revolutionized some of the key-concepts of recent extrusion technologies, standing out as a real production island for Flat Die extrusion, ready to process innovative and sustainable materials. The line, available for sampling and testing, affords several benefits, which affect both process optimization (in terms of time and consumption) and performance (in terms of physical, mechanical and optical properties of the films produced).

Special Line with Flat Die technology for PO/EVA flexible sheet for the waterproofing sector


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