Learn more about the dedicated Open House

Bandera’s attitude to innovation and its strong experience in the worldwide PET flat die extrusion industry have led to the creation of PURe technology.


Starting from conventional post-consumer PET flakes, the new Bandera technology provides a highly effective pre-treatment for the production of super clean material, suitable for direct food contact.

The PURe process works in combination with HVTSE Highly Vented Twin Screw Extruders and the PET film produced respects the cleaning efficiency values required by EFSA and FDA.
The state of the art technology provided by the typical 3-layer PET film is always available, in any case: A-B-A structure with outer virgin barrier layers is equally functional in the packaging industry.

One of the most important benefits of PURe technology is the relationship between limited energy consumption and the top quality of final film.

The focus of Bandera is the continuous research into the best solutions for each application to anticipate the needs of the market.
At the center of Bandera’s innovative thinking are the Customer’s need and the strong desire to build a confident relationship towards the future business; the Open House Event which takes place from the end of June to the middle of July 2017 at The House of Extrusion pursues this goal – learn more.

The Bandera Team will be glad to welcome both existing and prospective customers to test their PET flakes and show PURe technology in action through the extrusion of high quality PET films.