film agricoloBandera confirms its place as a global leader in the production of large-size extrusion plants for blown film for agriculture. In the last 5 years, Bandera has noted an increase in the demand for multi-layer lines no longer dedicated to the sole production of standard films for greenhouse covering, but also to the manufacturing of “barrier” film with photoselective, stabilising, strength- and flexibility-improving properties, that also enhance the life of the film under hostile weather conditions and its permeability. The line is characterised by an extreme flexibility, granted by special and innovative technological solutions, which allows the production of film for several applications, e.g. silobags, flexitanks, fumigation and liners for containers. All these applications display a 5- or 7-layer “barrier” structure, which gives the final product a remarkable impermeability to gases, thus allowing the storage and/or the shipment of goods usually considered as easily degradable (grain, wine, palm oil, fruit juice or pulp, etc.).

To reach this goal, Bandera is going to install 5 plants in the next 12 months, distributed among 4 companies spread over different continents. The buyers are companies that decided to rely on Bandera brand, not only because of its long-standing experience and its rich reference list in this specific sector, but also due to the proven efficiency of its after-sales technical service.

Thanks to the great expertise of its engineers, Bandera designs ground-breaking production lines, manufactured 100% in-house in Busto Arsizio.

The ongoing projects will offer the customers an opportunity to satisfy their customisation needs, allowing the development of their business with leading-edge technology.

The complete production range of Bandera agrifilm lines includes:

  • Thickness range: 30 ÷ 220 μm
  • Usable width: up to 24 m, with semi- or fully-automatic winder
  • Die Ø manufacturing capability: up to 2000 kg/h and over
  • Structures with 3, 5 and 7 layers