Bandera U.S. under new management and organization

Bandera U.S. LLC, the new North American branch of Bandera, a market leader for blown film and recycling production lines is under a new organization.

Mattia Gambarotto has been named new General Manager. He will focus his activity to strengthen the company’s market position as well as to shape the North American service activity including a new customer support center for spare parts.

Mr. Gambarotto joined Bandera in 2012, shortly after obtaining a degree in economics and business management.  was assigned as sales and resident Manager in Hong Kong, responsible for the southeast Asian area, where he successfully grew the market and established the local after sales customer service center.

“In addition to the administration, sales and service functions, we will take particular care in the area dedicated to project management- in order to fully meet the needs of the North American market, which is structurally different from other markets,” Gambarotto says.

“BANDERA US will utilize the 75 years of BANDERA history to support the US and Canadian markets with localized sales, service and spare parts support. Therefore, I am particularly happy that, next to me- I have a colleague with great experience and in-depth knowledge of the market like Jim Dalton”.

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