Bandera in VietnamBandera’s bold forward move, with two flat die rigid film extrusion lines sold straight upon its debut in Vietnam, sets a positive trend and paves the road for future growth in the market of Southeast Asia.

First of two lines coming up for delivery this spring, a PET rigid film extrusion line for thermoforming, designed for food packaging and other applications, is conceived to yield an output of 1000 Kg/h, with a 1050 mm net width and a thickness range of 150 – 1800 µm.

Second of the two lines coming up, a rigid PP and PS extrusion line for thermoforming, also designed for food packaging and other applications, manufactured to yield a maximum output of 1000 Kg/h, with a 1050 mm net width and a thickness range of 200 – 2200 µm.

Both lines are equipped with raw material feeding and “loss-in-weight” gravimetric dosing systems (5-component dosing for the first line and 4-component for the second one). They mount single manifold flat extrusion dies with internal deckling systems for adjustment of film width.  They include thickness control systems, combined haul-off / silicone coating/ drying units and two-position winding systems for production of up to 1200 mm diameter reels.

The distinctive details that make each line a special line are, for the PET rigid film extrusion line:

  • HVTSE 2C 85mm 52 L/D, dryer-less, co-rotating twin screw main extruder with vacuum venting system (patented Bandera technology allowing the use of recycled raw materials), coupled to a TR 75mm 35 L/D single screw co-extruder;
  • super-filtration, continuous operation screen changer, with automatic back-flush cleaning system, ensuring a high degree of purification even when processing recycled raw materials;
  • horizontal cooling and polishing roller stack with motorized cross-axis system for thin film processing.

As for the rigid PP/ PS extrusion line, instead, we single out the following details:

  • Single screw main extruder and co-extruder, respectively TR 140mm 35 L/D and TR 90mm 35 L/D;
  • continuous filtering system;
  • cooling and polishing roller stack with innovative “soft touch” calendering system;
  • innovative in-line film lamination unit.

This achievement is one more milestone set by Bandera, showing its firm intention to proceed relentlessly to gain new markets, supply sturdy machinery, reliable processes and well tested technology, along with innovative concepts. In a sentence, our customers’ growth is our growth.

Bandera designs and manufacturers complete flat die extrusion lines for the production of rigid thin films for thermoforming, form fill seals and converting applications, made of GIPS, PP, CRPS, A/CPET and PETG (using compact and foam materials) and PLA.

Bandera is a world leader in the technology for PET rigid film direct extrusion without drying using a patented system.

From year 1998 more than 160 complete lines have been sold and installed at the largest converters in the world.

Bandera manufacturers also thick sheets flat die plants for technical sheets made of HDPE, PP, HMWPE, PC, ABS, PMMA and mixed materials (thermoplastic resins and industrial waste products).

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