Grapholymer® – Extrusion, Coating, Lamination from Laboratory to Industrial Production with Graphene in Polymers

We expect the world of IoT to be found everywhere and on every object in the coming years. Such enormous diffusion requires cheap and simple systems to connect each device to the net.

One of the most promising technologies is that of Plastic Electronics where simple circuits can be reproduced on a massive scale on polymeric based substrate, with a large amount of the inevitably based on bio materials since the Circular Economy is becoming more of an inevitable necessity than, as at the moment, a near esoteric field.

The Flexible Substrate market projections for 2025 are expected to reach $1.2 Billion with biopolymersplaying an important role Bandera, with its motto “Extruding Future Plastics Now”, understands the importance of being at the forefront of innovation and research.

In creating the laboratory EA – Extrusion Academy® Bandera offers to Academia, Research Institutions and clients willing to explore new solutions, the possibility to develop together or autonomously, prototypes of compounds and products that can be tested and scaled up in the large facilities (m2 5,000 and growing) of The House of Extrusion® 2Dmaterials have recently gained importance in blending with polymers to create new plastic applications unthinkable only a few years ago.

Graphene is the most renowned of these materials and is already found in many special products Extrusion and its ancillary technologies Lamination, Coating and Foaming can boost Graphene in plastics in order to have it inserted in everyday products (sensor, packaging, film, coating material, panel, photovoltaics, agriculture, automotive and many more).

At innoLAE 2019 Conference at Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton, Cambridge, UK, 22 – 23 January 2019, Giovanni della Rossa, Bandera Innovation & IP, will present the latest research results in these multi-disciplinary areas Bandera will present its project Grapholymer, in the poster section of the conference, where are described the advantages of its approach using extrusion machineries that help in bringing R&D to everyday products Bandera innovation is working not only in the final production, but also at the start in the design of the production lines that include the most advanced IIoT Industrial Internet of Things methodology with the proprietary IoE – Internet of Extrusion® solutions for plant integration, remote and local maintenance and Cognitive Extrusion® for data analysis, simulation, etc. One of the sector of these innovation, which is at heart of Bandera’s knowledge, is packaging.

IoP Internet of Packaging®, brings intelligence to each device, also to reduce waste of contents and containers to make a real contribution to the Circular Economy. 

Click the link to see the poster : cambridge_grapholymer_poster

For any further information: Giovanni della Rossa – Bandera spa – +0331 398 301 – – @extrusione_EA – LI extrusion intelligence