BANDERA and AMB: an historical partnership for the production of plastic films  

BANDERA and AMB: an historical partnership for the production of innovative plastic films  

The two companies have established a successful collaboration thanks to the supply of technologically advanced extrusion lines for the production of plastic films, both rigid and flexible, for the food packaging sector.

AMB: films for packaging

AMB is based in S. Daniele Del Friuli (Udine) and in 2017 opened its second plant in Amaro (Udine). For over 50 years this has been an innovative company in the production of high barrier multilayer, rigid and flexible plastic films. Originally designed for food packaging, they are also applicable to agricultural, pharmaceutical and pet food sectors

BANDERA: leader in the design and the production of extrusion lines

In terms of annual turnover (115 mil. € in 2018) and number of employees (over 200 in 2018), BANDERA is the most important Italian manufacturer of extrusion lines and a world level supplier of Blown film lines and Flat Die extrusion lines.

The collaboration with AMB started in 2004 and immediately created a powerful synergy between technology, productive capacity and innovation which improved the business of both companies.

The extrusion technology of Bandera is an ally of major importance in the development of AMB’s composite rigid films, combining previously extruded and calendered PET substrates and PE multilayer film lamination systems (barrier and non-barrier).

Thanks to this strong, smart packaging engineering orientation the company is a reference partner for the production of high quality barrier packaging, intended for FFS systems (form-fill-seal) and thermoforming.

Flat Die extrusion lines: a recent collaboration

The latest line chosen by AMB represents the excellence in technology, performances and interconnectivity: equipped with 2 twin screw extruders, the line allows a production capacity for high quality films that exceeds 3 tonnes/hour.

AMB has equipped the new plant with state-of-the-art hardware, creating an exceptional industrial production island for ensuring the expected growth of the market and to face new challenges.

AMB points to a sales increase thanks to their entry into the British market and consolidation in Spain and France.

BANDERA and AMB: extrusion technology and shared values

The partnership with BANDERA is successful due to the two companies shared determination to provide innovative extrusion technologies, whilst adhering to their codes of ethics focused on people and the environment

Food Grade film technology

AMB has been the first worldwide player to apply the new BANDERA Pure®, a “Super Clean” process for food grade products.

The two companies also collaborate on training: their partnership is continually reinforced in production and commercial activities including official events.

Innovation, technology and ecology: Innovation Day

During the Innovation Day organized by AMB – 23 May 2019 – interesting seminars on sustainability and future opportunities for plastic packaging were featured.

Gabriele Murano, a BANDERA representative, was among the speakers. He spoke about the extrusion process based on HVTSE technology. In general, international experts discussed the relation between quality of the product, performance of the packaging and the willingness of the customers to consume purchase: a balance that demands continuous study and constant effort from the companies and the scientific world to offer efficient and sustainable solutions for the environment and for coming generations.

The future of extrusion

Both BANDERA and AMB continue to work on the future of extrusion. Their goals include:

  • To increase the interconnectivity between extrusion lines and management systems of the company
  • Constant effort to develop lightweight packaging (through the use of composite films with foamed internal layers)
  • Extensive use of recycled materials, compostable or biodegradable
  • Electronic solutions for energy saving and noise reduction
  • IoE® solutions to allow the management of predictive maintenance and speed up the OEEE(overall environmental equipment effectiveness)
  • Wet trials on industrial lines at THOE® (The House of Extrusion) to increase efficiency and accuracy in the specification of machinery

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