Bandera “AGILITY LINE” ready to take off in the Netherlands

Bandera’s business fellowship with this important company located in The Netherlands started in 2012 and has continued up to the current time with the supply of four rigid film and sheet extrusion lines for thermoforming addressed to food packaging and industrial applications.  Installation of the fourth and most recent one, a specially conceived line, called AGILITY LINE, has been just executed with successful start-up.

The AGILITY LINE is one of the latest Bandera creations, conceived to meet the requirements of customers who need a compact line, designed for optimization of special frequent changes of production, in order to maximize its handling efficiency while running different formulations. It is pre-assembled on a platform, suitable for installation even in limited floor space conditions and can be dedicated to short production campaigns with limited scraps.

This Rigid Film Extrusion Line dedicated to the processing of PET, fitted for single layer extrusion, but foreseen for future installation of a co-extruder, with an output of roughly 600 Kg/h and a maximum net width of 860 mm, has the following features and configuration:

  • Based on the Bandera patented “dryerless technology” with highly vented co-rotating twin-screw extruder, HVTSE 2C70mm 52 L/D, capable of processing up to 100% recycled raw materials, equipped with double plate continuous filtration system;

It is further equipped with the following units:

  • raw material handling and conveying system combined with “loss-in-weight” gravimetric dosing system directly mounted on extruder platform;
  • single manifold flat extrusion die, with internal deckling system for fast film width adjustment;
  • compact unit including horizontal cooling and polishing roll stack, thickness control system, and combined haul-off/ silicone coating device;
  • grinding unit for edge trims, allowing the direct in-house recycling of the skeleton waste produced during the extrusion process;
  • special, compact, fast, automatic revolver system suited for single-reel winding, designed to match the production requirements of a specific series of thermoforming sizes.
  • integrated power and control HMI section.

This AGILITY line represents one further milestone set by Bandera.  It is a meaningful achievement towards experimenting new ways of optimizing production, fitting extrusion lines so that they respond more closely to specific needs.  It further brings out Bandera’s attitude towards continuously sharing knowledge with converters and proposing updated technology.

For further information, please contact Mr. Gabriele Murano, Rigid Film Product Manager –

Twitter@banderaontheweb / @house_extrusion /@extrusion_EA

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