AMI Agricultural Film – Houston, TX, USA

AMI Agricultural Film


15 Aug 2023
16 Aug 2023

The Americas encompass diverse agricultural landscapes, requiring tailored solutions to help protect crops and safeguard vital resources such as water and soil.

The Agricultural Film event, taking place on August 15-16, 2023, in Houston, TX, USA, uncovers the latest innovations in chemistry, production and application, all of which are helping to improve traditional materials used in farming environments and reduce the ecological footprint of agricultural practices.

By maximizing yields per square acre, agricultural silage, mulch and greenhouse films contribute towards the continuous need for more efficient food production to support the growing global population and assure food security.

Join Agricultural Film to understand global cutting-edge advances in film technology for crop productivity and network with key players across the supply chain, from resin and masterbatch producers to film extruders, associations, recyclers and growers.

We provide updated knowledge of market trends and data to help you understand the opportunities in the Americas agricultural film markets.

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