A replay for the amazing PURe

Great success for the Open House dedicated to the PURe TM technology, which took place from June 27 to July 14 at the Bandera House of Extrusion, in Busto Arsizio.  This was the occasion to give prominence to the ongoing search for new and innovative packaging and converting solutions.

The event had an excellent attendance: it attracted visitors from the UK, Scandinavia, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and, not least, Italy.  In view of the great interest aroused and based on pressing requests by Bandera’s business partners in the U.S.A, South America and Asia, a replay of the event is scheduled to take place next year, from January 10 to 31, 2018.

The PURe TM  was shown running throughout the entire event, with an average of three daily sessions.  It was greatly appreciated by customers, who were able to see specific tests run with their own raw materials, in-line with a PET rigid film extrusion line.


The value-added features that were most appreciated are: process rationality, user friendliness, quick and easy inspection and maintenance, operating costs comparatively lower than those of other similar alternatives available in the market.  A feature that stood out quite impressively was the high level of decontamination achieved by the combined Bandera PURe TM + Highly Vented Twin Screw Extruder (HVTSE) technologies, which went far beyond the requirements of current legislation.

Bandera received confirmation of compliance of its process with EFSA criteria, as well as pre-notification (PNC) of issue of the No Objection Letter by FDA.  During the first week of the Open House Event, the N.O.L. #203 to Bandera was officially published on the FDA website.

The successful outcome of the Open House event further confirmed Bandera’s leadership in the sector for the inclusion of recycled materials in the production of PET technical films for the packaging industry and various different applications.

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