Bandera acquires an important order from a customer operating in the 29-14Beijing region of the P.R. of China, thereby confirming its leadership in the manufacturing of big-size blown film lines for the co-extrusion of both smooth and textured geomembrane.
The complete line has the following technical specification:

  • Production of smooth or textured geomembrane with thickness range from 0,5 mm to 3,0 mm
  • Extrusion die diameter: 2300 mm
  • Extrusion and cooling sections suitable to reach a maximum output of 1500 Kg/h
  • Geomembrane winding width up to 8 m
  • Line integrated control and management system to control gravimetric dosing of raw materials as well
  • This blown film line, designed for the production of membranes for use in civil and industrial
  • waterproofing systems, is technologically advanced in that it relies on an innovative automatic in-line micro-hole detecting device on the membrane surface.