25/14 – Third Bandera extrusion line due for delivery to an important South Korean converter

Within two years of Bandera’s supply of a second rigid film 25-14extrusion line to an important South Korean PET rigid film converter, a third Bandera extrusion line will be installed at their site in South Korea to initiate its operation in the thermoformed rigid packaging sector.
Among the numerous advantages derived from Bandera technology in PET processing, the customer has shown appreciation for the valuable cooperation of our Servicing Department, engaged not only in ensuring them a good line efficiency throughout these years, but also in providing them with continuously updated technology know how on new formulations and/ or products.
The complete rigid film extrusion line will have the following configuration:

  • Raw material gravimetric dosing systems
  • Main, co-rotating twin screw extruder, HVTSE 2C85mm 52 L/D with single-screw co-extruder, TR75mm 35 L/D
  • Superfiltration type screen changers with filtration plate automatic backflush cleaning system allowing the use of recycled material
  • Fully automatic flat die with thermal bolts for continuous adjustment of rigid film thickness
  • Cooling and polishing roll stack calender with horizontal configuration and cross axis system for both thin and ultra-thick film processing
  • Semi-automatic cantilever winding system affording the possibility of producing 2 reels simultaneously on the same shaft.

This line will have a net hourly output of over 1300 Kg/h, with a 1500mm maximum net width and a 150μm ÷ 1500μm thickness range. Line installation is foreseen to take place by end of summer 2014 in the industrial district of the city of Seoul.

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