09/15 – Bandera open house event 04-06 Nov 2015 dedicated to the production of Heavy Duty Bags

Quality, innovation and tailor made solutions specifically designed Bandera-open-house_production-Heavy-Duty-Bags-4forumto proficiently answer customer needs: these are the fundamentals of Bandera international success in the extrusion market.
All our solutions are totally in-house designed and manufactured, resulting in Bandera to bring worldwide the excellence of the made in Italy technology.
A strong and ongoing attitude to research and development of new solutions has led Bandera to be an international reference point in extrusion. This is being further confirmed on a daily basis since the inauguration of the House of Extrusion in May 2015: 5.000 square meters entirely dedicated to R&D activities and wet tests on complete production lines.
Bandera is holding a leadership position in the extrusion industry. In particular in the blown film segment a wide solutions range is aimed at successfully meeting any market needs, where the market trend is moving towards a minimized film thickness to maximize product capacity.
Bandera has taken on this new challenge.
A complete 3-layer blown film linededicated to the production of Heavy Duty Bags will be shown in action at Bandera headquarters during the open house event from 04-06 Nov 2015.

Following the plant technical features:

  • 12-component loading and gravimetric batch dosing system
  • 1 extruder Ø 100 with 160 kW AC motor
  • 2 extruders Ø 65 with 70 kW AC motor
  • 3-layer blown film die head with installed die Ø 180 mm, with IBC system, 8-sensor ultrasound device and high-efficiency air ring with height adjustment
  • Automatic thickness measuring and adjusting system with 45 segments
  • 3 bubble guiding cages
  • Take-off 800 mm width with cooling cylinders suitable for HDB-film production
  • Automatic single-station winder with additional cooling cylinders
  • Corona treatment

To book a visit please contact Carlo Pattini, Blown Film Technology – Sales Manager:c.pattini@lbandera.com

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