April 2016 – Bandera’s House of Extrusion R&D centre hosted the trials of a complete winding station composed by two winders dedicated to Agrifilm applications, which was then shipped to an important loyal customer in Northern Europe.
Bandera reaffirms its first place in the Agrifilm sector by selling two winders to a Top North European CustomerThanks to its long experience in the production of Agrifilm lines, Bandera succeeded in creating completely customized high-tech equipment able to fit with the Customer’s existing line and meet all the Customer’s requirements, allowing them to process a variety of products with a wide thickness range. The complete equipment is composed by one station with winding centre for jumbo reels and one station with automatic shaftless winder for small reels. Among the main features, it is worth mentioning the following:

1) Single station winding centreASN/430 SL 3500 specially conceived for jumbo reels:

  • automatic reels extraction;
  • axial / surface winding with pneumatic expansion mandrels supporting the cores;
  • max reels width: 3,400 mm;
  • max reels diameter: 1,000 mm;
  • automatic system for the extraction of the finished reels

2) Single station automatic shaftless winder TA 3300 specially conceived for small reels:

  • fully automatic change operation;
  • rolls discharge and automatic taping units;
  • possibility to wind by contact as well as by combined mode;
  • accumulation section with 18 m compensator;
  • special high capacity paper core storage: 50 cores;
  • reels width: 3,100 mm

Bandera nowadays supplies complete extrusion lines for the production of multilayer film -3, 5, 7 and 9 layers- for technical packaging (food, medical-pharmaceutical, lamination and converting industries).
Bandera provides know-how and innovative technologies applied to the processing of cutting edge thermoplastic materials for the production of industrial bags (HDB/FFS), carrier bags and bags of different shapes and sizes in HDPE or in biodegradable material, as well as shrink film and special film for aviation and wind power application.
Bandera is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing complete extrusion lines for the production of Agrifilm (high output, multilayer, width more than 22 m, special extrusion heads with diameter of more than 2,600 mm).
Bandera also supplies complete extrusion lines for the production of thick geomembrane film for use in civil and industrial waterproofing systems.

For further information please contact Carlo Pattini, Blown Film Technology – Sales Manager:c.pattini@lbandera.com