Whatever the question, SmartFlex® is the answer

Bandera blown film SmartFlex® lines have been increasingly appreciated by customers, as they answer market needs in the flexible packaging and converting sectors.


From June to December 2018, 6 equipment of the SmartFlex® Series have been / will be delivered to the following countries: Italy, Poland (2), Ukraine, Mexico, South Korea.

What are the main advantages of a SmartFlex® line?

  • Competitive level of investment: thanks to the series production, all general costs are split into a large number of lines, thus generating an economy of scale at procurement stage.
  • Maximized flexibility: with the same line, different formulations/recipes and films can be run with excellent long-term yield
  • Low power consumption: in accordance with Bandera’s strong energy saving policy
  • User-friendly line management with functional and compact layout featuring frames modularity
  • “Made in Italy” – “Made in Bandera”: the lines are completely produced in Italy and are therefore synonymous with craftsmanship

The SmartFlex® series can be configured either in 1, 3 or 5-layer films and 2 useful film-width sizes: 1600 and 2200.

Among the several applications of this line, we have:

  • Packaging film (food and non-food film)
  • Thermo-shrink film
  • Lamination film
  • Stretch-hood film
  • Converting film (printing)


For further information, please contact Mr. Paolo Ceol, Blown Film Product Manager – p.ceol@lbandera.com




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