7 October 2019



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Circular Economy is the talk of the times.

Bandera, as a world leader in the construction of machinery for plastics extrusion, feels its responsibility in trying to increase knowledge about using plastic correctly.

The public needs to be better educated about how to use plastics correctly and what to do with it afterwards. As stated by K2019: “Plastics should not end up on the dump and certainly not in the environment. Plastics are valuable materials that should be recycled”, since plastics packaging will be around for a long time.

While the advantages of plastics are easily recognised, from food storage and transportation, to lighter and more durable objects, and many more advantages and performances, it cannot be denied that the use of plastics has become a matter of major concern for the future of the planet.

For years Bandera has collaborated with several material producers to adapt its extruders to the production of plastic products using natural and therefore biodegradable, biocompostable materials and when this is not possible at least recyclable for future reuse;

The recent patented line PURe ® goes in the direction of purifying the PET bottle flakes and directly, in the same process, extrude them for the production of new certified food products. The reduction of the processes and the reuse of used plastic flakes enhances the reduction of plastic in circulation.

The extrusion of PLA or other vegetable derived polymers is another example of how it is possible to contain the otherwise increased waste that unfortunately either ends up in landfills or burned, so as to reduce waste, but unfortunately producing other pollutants whose consequences are probably not all understood yet.

By its contribution Bandera tries to “walk the walk”. It has installed photovoltaics panels for electricity production on its roofs and started to use EVs (electric vehicles) in order to reduce the CO2 produced by transportation, installing EV charging stations for visitors, customers and employees that want to do their part.

To such purpose Bandera has already installed 2 chargers at 22 kW and very soon will follow a 100 kW DC that allows an electric car to be charged in only a few minutes.

@K2019 Bandera, Hall 17 C06, C07, will present advanced production lines that are capable today to work with biopolymers.

Bandera is a worldwide leader, with 70+ years of experience, in the production of plastics/bioplastics extrusion machinery with more than 35,000 installations in 75 countries. Packaging: industrial and food, are main applications of its lines.

K fair is the world’s premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry – 19 exhibition halls, 262,000 sq. m of hall space and 43,000 sq. m of outdoor space, 3,293 exhibitors and 232,000 visitors. K fair is held every 3 years.

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