A TRIPLET IN EASTERN EUROPE – Newcomers and old-timers consolidate the Bandera Extrusion tradition

Three rigid film/sheet extrusion projects coming up for delivery soon to very important converters operating in the area of Eastern Europe, one confirming time and again their client loyalty, the others selecting Bandera as their new technological partner.


The three lines are representative of the Bandera microcosm of extrusion:

1°- very compact, Multilayer PET Rigid Film/Sheet Extrusion Line for thermoforming and FFS (Form Fill & Seal), for a maximum output of 750 Kg/h, with a net width of 1200 mm, installing a Bandera patented 2C70 52 L/D co-rotating twin-screw main extruder, a TR65 35 L/D single-screw co-extruder, a single-manifold flat die, a horizontal roll stack.  The line is completed by thickness control, in-line PE lamination and two-position cantilever winding systems.

2°- very versatile, high-output, Alpha 2 – 185 Rigid Film/Sheet Extrusion line, mainly for multilayer PET extrusion, but suitable for processing also PP, PS and PLA.  Its maximum output in terms of PET processing is 1600 Kg/h, with a net width of 1580 mm.  This line features a Bandera patented 2C105 52 L/D co-rotating twin-screw main extruder, a TR90 35 L/D single-screw co-extruder, an automatic Bandera single-manifold flat die, a horizontal roll stack with motorized cross axis system for thin film/sheet processing, a thickness control system and an in-line PE film lamination system.

3°- very sophisticated, extremely high-tech, high-output, Multilayer Sheet Extrusion Line for rigid or foam PET production for thermoforming, FFS (Form, Fill & Seal), printing and industrial applications.  It is designed for a net width of 1500 mm and has a maximum output of 1500 Kg/h, in terms of rigid PET, and 750 Kg/h in terms of semi-rigid PET.  This line installs two co-rotating twin-screw extruders, a 2C85 52 L/D and a 2C70 52 L/D, a TR90 35 L/D single-screw co-extruder, two flat dies, i.e.: a CLOEREN flat die for rigid products and a Bandera flat die for foamed/semi-rigid products, a physical foam PET extrusion system, a horizontal roll stack with cross axis system for thin film/sheet processing, besides systems for thickness control and semi-automatic cantilever winding.  This line also comprises an in-line PE film lamination unit, which, per its composition, is a dedicated unit suitable for semi-rigid products, as well.  This line represents an infusion of Bandera technology at its best, in terms of design, products, and performances and epitomizes Bandera’s continuous search for innovation and excellence.  This is the fourth Bandera line commissioned by this customer.

From the most compact to the most versatile and to the most technological of lines, it has always been Bandera’s tradition to strive and supply its customers with solutions guaranteeing:

  • great flexibility in processing different raw materials, without modifying line configuration;
  • processes that are compliant with all due recommendations of EFSA/FDA for the production of food-grade sheet for thermoforming, even using high percentages of recycled materials;
  • technology capable of offering excellent product quality and performances, along with investment returns;
  • well-established know how capable of allowing the adoption of innovative processes to widen to new markets.




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