The House of Extrusion – Creation and Learning Hub

9 October 2019

The House of Extrusion

Creation and Learning Hub

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Located near Malpensa Airport and the Lombardy Lake District, there is an innovation centre where it is possible to test the latest technologies in plastics extrusion, in conjunction with customers, industry, academia, R&D centres, associations, inventors, etc.

Such collaborations, visible at K2019 Hall 17 C06-C07, are a process of mutual creation and learning that will help to adapt the technology to the needs of our partners while at the same time incorporating our 70+ years of extrusion know-how.

During this process the IP created could be shared or remain exclusive to one of the parties depending on the final application and the joint venture agreement, having common innovation via knowledge transfer as the principle goal.

The House of Extrusion® has installed the latest lines for industrial production of plastic and bioplastic products via several technologies: single screw, twin-screw, pelletizing, blown film, flat die, lamination, coating, foaming.

EA Extrusion Academy ® is a laboratory where with a twin-screw extruder it is possible to compound new polymers, also associated with new nanotechnology components, like 2DMaterials (Graphene one of them), it is possible to obtain new polymer blends. EA has recently performed a world first in extruding PEEK with Graphene, in association with IIT Istituto Italiano Tecnologia and BeDimensional.

The laboratory which also collaborates with academic institutions (such as University of Cambridge, CGC Cambridge Graphene Centre, Bicocca University of Milan) and material suppliers, aims to explore the frontier of new polymer solutions with particular focus on natural and biodegradable polymers like PLA for Circular Economy solutions.

The work developed in the laboratory (that could be installed in the customer/university location if needed) is to create pellets that feed the industrial scale production lines for market products, via our Condor Line ®, Flat Die, Blown Film, Purification, Recycle.

Condor Line ® is a highly innovative 60 m long extrusion line with flat die technology capable of extruding up to 12 layers film while coating and lamination being flexibly adapted.

All the extrusion lines have the latest IoE Internet of Extrusion ® (Bandera’s Smart Factory) tools that could be integrated with Cognitive analysis of data production.

Bandera is a member of EFFRA European Factories of the Future Research Association, Graphene Flagship EU’s largest research initiative, AIPIA Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association.

Bandera is a worldwide leader, with 70+ years of experience, in the production of plastics/bioplastics extrusion machinery with more than 35,000 installations in 75 countries. Packaging: industrial and food, are main applications of its lines.

K fair is the world’s premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry – 19 exhibition halls, 262,000 sq. m of hall space and 43,000 sq. m of outdoor space, 3,293 exhibitors and 232,000 visitors. K fair is held every 3 years.

For more info: Giovanni A. della Rossa – Innovation & IP Manager
Phone: +39 0331 398 301

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