SmartFlex® line in France – Blown Film technology for Bio Materials


In 2016, a new law entered into force in France, prohibiting the selling and distribution of non-biodegradable-polyethylene-based disposable bags with thickness lower than 50 microns. Consequently a French converter decided to invest in a new project which includes the purchase of a Bandera SmartFlex® Bio line for the production of biodegradable and compostable bags mainly made in plant origin polymers.

Bandera has always been sensitive to environmental care and continues to support it with a strong dedication. This is evident in our collaborations with suppliers of biodegradable and compostable materials and in the sale, especially in Western Europe, of equipment processing bioplastic-based materials, such as corn starch and PLA (polylactic acid).

Besides biodegradable film, this line can also produce thermo-shrink, lamination & converting and general packaging film. The equipment, which will be installed in the French region of Rhône-Alpes, can get a net film layflat up to 2200 mm (already trimmed), a thickness range from 15 to 200 μm and an output up to 400 kg/h with a Ø 300 mm die.

Line main components:

  • 12-component batch dosing system
  • 1 extruder Ø 65 mm for core layer and 2 extruders Ø 50 mm for side layers
  • Co-extrusion 3-layer die head with Ø 300 and 180 mm dies and IBC system
  • High efficiency dual lip cooling air ring
  • Automatic film thickness measuring and adjusting system
  • 2 bubble guiding cages
  • Rotating haul-off 2400 mm roller face width with gusseting boards and flattening device with rollers and wooden slats (pneumatically driven device to insert one of the two systems alternatively when needed)
  • Web centre guide
  • Double station back-to-back winder with surface/combined modes
  • Tower frame for rotating haul-off
  • Line control with Bandera IoE Internet of Extrusion® software

For further information, please contact Mr. Marco Serra, Senior Sales Area Manager –


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