Packaging and Converting industry advancement in Poland

Bandera has recently started up two SmartFlex® lines at the premises of an important Polish group, leader in the blown film extrusion sector and a loyal Bandera customer for a long time.

Their great satisfaction with the excellent performance of their latest Bandera blown film equipment convinced the customer to renew their confidence in Bandera during 2017, by purchasing two similar lines mainly conceived for the production of coextruded film for waste collection bags. 

Poland_lineThe two lines stand out for their extraordinary flexibility and reliability. Indeed, they assure maximum versatility and low energy consumption on a 1600 mm useful width. 

Once more Bandera has the chance to show its steady commitment to innovation in the packaging and converting sectors. In addition to supplying high-performance machinery, Bandera boasts a highly-experienced Customer Care department, which promptly supports the customers and deals with any after-sales issues.

By carrying out trials in its testing area The House of Extrusion® (THOE), using machinery similar to those produced for its customers, Bandera guarantees great performance and efficiency once the lines are installed at the customer’s plant.

Bandera keeps its innovative attitude by offering up-to-date management services. Bandera’s machinery can easily connect to several IIoT Industrial Internet of Things systems, with the aim to gradually introduce new Industry 4.0 solutions so as to improve the efficiency and the overall line management and integration. Starting with our IoE Internet of Extrusion ® .

Bandera also cares about the environment, this is why it is increasing the use of recycled or biodegradable materials as well as reducing the weights of packaging materials.

One of Bandera’s main goals is to expand its commercial network, as well as to invest in research and development and to improve its technologies. This aim will certainly be pursued with the usual reliability and expertise that characterise Bandera, brand leader in the Polish market.        

For further information, please contact Mr. Paolo Ceol, Blown Film Product Manager –



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