The latest innovation in blown agrifilm extrusion lines

A newly-manufactured extrusion line AgriFuture ® underwent final trials at Bandera research and development centre The House of Extrusion ® (THOE) in August. The trials were a huge hit. The same line has been recently delivered to a well-renowned Asian plastic transformer, among leading producers of agriculture packaging film in Asia.
The project is the prompt answer to the urgent Asian market demand for increasingly innovative technologies concerning multilayer technical films, specifically dedicated to agriculture.

Collage Asia Agrifilm
Applications are essentially greenhouse cover film with open width from 8 to 12 m max and thickness range from 60 to 250 μm.
Rated line output higher than 1300 kg/h.

Basic technical specifications of the agrifilm extrusion line supplied:

 ·         Five Ø 100 mm single-screw extruders, complete with hydraulic screenchangers and relevant loss-in-weight-gravimetric dosing system.

·         Five-layer coextrusion head, complete special dies and featuring IBC system, double-flow high-efficiency external cooling ring, fully automatic thickness measurement and control device.

·         Bubble calibration basket, rated opening up to 14 m, fixed upper take-off unit, roller width 4500 mm, 12 m interchangeable wooden-slat collapsing frames and gusseting devices.

·         Single-station winder, ensuring axial, contact and combined winding mode, and providing entirely automatic winding shaft extraction.

·         Complete with tower frame

·    Central line control, by dedicated software IoE Internet of Extrusion® (Bandera IIoT solution) for more evolved extrusion process control and management.

Bandera is the top player in AGRIFILM sector.

·         Extreme manufacture promptness (delivery within 6-8 months from order date). 

·         IN HOUSE industrial trials with equivalent extrusion line installed at the new Bandera test laboratory.

·         Integrated supply service of ancillary equipment and accessories.

·         Commissioning and start up activities, including specialist personnel training sections. 

·         24 Month-warranty, starting from final commissioning test date.

The innovative agrifilm extrusion line forms part of the renewed Bandera vision of rewarding those transformers who recognise the worth of innovation by investing in new technologies – besides providing competitive investment value, Bandera offers technological process and customer care services of incomparable outstanding quality.

The ultimate purpose set forth by Bandera within the next five years is the establishment of a leading technological partnership with primary companies in the sector and in the industry of agriculture film. Bandera bases its policy on up-to-date business overview in opening up to the broadening industry frontiers consistent with the power of its unique and strong brand, synonymous with reliability, long-term experience and competitiveness:

         Provide prompt assistance to all companies who aim at integrating production with management, in terms of ultra-high performances and flow rates in the long term (utmost care is devoted to OEEE, as well as to procedures set forth by Industry 4.0 via the Cognitive Extrusion ® program).

         Offer one-source solutions for technological advance, counting upon solid industrial commissioning and trial service, that operates within widened dedicated areas, fully equipped and more spacious than competitors.

         Conceive streamlined and tailor-made technological solutions for multilayer film, totally built upon final product applications, at extreme customisation level.

         Generate a development stream which would support and encourage mass growth and use of PREMIUM – solution certified totally recyclable or compostable thermoplastics, for all those converters investing on R&D in the sector.

         Rely on customer personnel training and instruction, aimed at taking full advantage of production lines and machinery in use – priority to Bandera is the building customer-loyalty. 

An endless challenge, involving a multi-skilled team integrating design and process technology, supported by a renewed customer care department. Solidity, cohesion, expertise and energy are the team key values, combined with strict QC procedures and consolidated by the capability to compete with the next generation film industry at the highest levels.

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