IoP Internet of Packaging & Blockchain

IoP Internet of Packaging & Blockchain

October 7, 2019

IoP Internet of Packaging & Blockchain

Smart Packaging, the future today

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Bandera presents IoP Internet of Packaging® samples at Hall 17 C06, C07 @K2019 16-23 October at Düsseldorf Messe. The presentation will demonstrate applications for product digitalisation via unique secure QR codes on product packaging.

The demonstration prototypes have been developed in collaboration with ScanTrust SA.

Today’s consumer goods markets are buyer’s markets – consumers have more power to make or break businesses than ever. In this environment, not having a strategy for delivering trust along with products sold is not an option. If a brand doesn’t succeed in this regard, their competitors will. So the practical solution for delivering trust to consumers is digitalised smart packaging. By giving each individual product a unique and secure QR code, it’s possible to give this product an identity and a history about product provenance, manufacturing conditions and much more. This can be implemented right now by printing or via other methods that are used in the supply chains today.

Use cases include package lifecycle histories, web-based product histories with specificity even down to a single product among millions, and new loyalty programs based on one-to-one consumer interactions. By also integrating blockchain technology, ScanTrust and Bandera are demonstrating how companies can take this a step further by making trusted and immutable data from a blockchain directly available to end consumers.

Macro trends like climate change and sensitivity to sustainability from consumers demand that every single package must be reused or recycled in order to reduce its impact on the environment to the very minimum. Such information on the package life cycle, as well as the instructions for the consumer could easily be stored and retrieved on the tagged products. This does not only contribute towards fostering a more circular economy, but it also empowers consumers so that they can become actors in the process.

Bandera is a worldwide leader, with 70+ years of experience, in the production of plastics/bioplastics extrusion machinery with more than 35,000 installations in 75 countries. Packaging, industrial and food, are main applications of its lines.

ScanTrust is a smart packaging company founded in 2014 that provides secure product digitalisation to brands worldwide, enabling the protection against counterfeits, monitor unit-level traceability of products, and drive end-user engagement through secure digitalisation.

K fair is the world’s premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry – 19 exhibition halls, 262,000 sq. m of hall space and 43,000 sq. m of outdoor space, 3,293 exhibitors and 232,000 visitors. K fair is held every 3 years.

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