Industry 4.0 is now a reality in Bandera

realtà virtualeThe Industry 4.0 project, based on the use of the innovative digital tool Oculus Rift, was developed at Bandera, in cooperation with the University Carlo Cattaneo of Castellanza, during the event “Researchers Night“, i.e. the national event “Meet me tonight – Face to face with research”.  Shown in absolute preview during the K Exhibition, i.e. the reference trade fair for the plastics extrusion sector, this project proved attractive not only to customers, but also to operators of the sector itself.

This project, coupled with the manufacturing technology of complete extrusion lines for the packaging sector, gives further proof of the innovative approach that has always characterized Bandera’s way of being in the market and doing business.

The Oculus Rift is a 3D virtual reality we used to give our customers the opportunity to explore a complete line for the extrusion of plastic materials, even before the fulfilment of the project.  We are dealing with highly important instrumentation, not only in technical terms, but also in commercial and service terms for our customers.

We believe this instrumentation could warrant a good number of extremely tangible applications affording great advantages.  It could be efficient either at the line design stage, or at a subsequent stage, to optimize both the production and/or service processes. It could further prove effective in explaining the operation of the machinery, along with the relating process applied, as well as in presenting and promoting machinery performances.

One of Bandera’s peculiarities is the design and manufacture of customized solutions perfectly responding to the requirements of each individual customer.  In fact, we lead our customer through each individual stage of a project, from design to installation, allowing him to proceed and establish a process of continuity with us through our after-sales services, as well.

Consequently, with these objectives in mind, we intend to use both the instruments and the processes developed by the Industry 4.0, oriented towards linkage and data usage, to further support and exploit our peculiarities, which represent an undisputed advantage for our customers.

We firmly believe in the value of research and development as the only gear capable of producing a unique boost to spur on not only Bandera, but also the entire Italian industry, to continue being a trend-setter in the global market.

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