At Bandera’s headquarter there’s a place literally built around the technology.

The Tower of Innovation

It is inside the THOE – The House of Extrusion®, the 36 meters-high tower, able to host the big, vertical plants, such as the 7-layers extrusion lines for Agricultural Film. The tower is part of the 3000 square meters area, dedicated to Bandera’s R&D, recently ultimated and added to the previous one.

Extrusion lines for Agricultural Films

Bandera’s core business is quite equally represented by the design and production of complete Extrusion Lines for Blown and Rigid Films for Packaging and Converting. Among the Blown Sector, the Italian company is one of the most important player in the production of complete multilayer Blown Film big plants, dedicated to Agricultural Film and Geomembrane.

References and experience in 7-layer Extrusion Lines for Agricultural Films

Bandera’s expertise is recognized all over the world thanks to the installation of many complete Lines of Extrusion specific for the Agricultural sector.
Bandera’s 7 layers Agricultural Extrusion plants delivered in the last year are the following:

  • 800 mm die diameter, 3 plants in Italy
  • 800mm die diameter, 2 plants in Spain
  • 1200mm die diameter, 1 plant in Italy
  • 1400mm die diameter, 3 plants (India, UK and Mexico)
  • 1600 mm die diameter, 1 plant in Belgium

These two lines will be delivered in 2020:

  • 1600 mm die diameter, 1 plant in Spain
  • 2000 mm die diameter, 2 plants (Brazil and Spain)

Current requirement for Agricultural Film

Nowadays the Agricultural Film market asks for 7 layers coextrusion lines, to satisfy severe technical requirements. The multi-layer film ensures an enhanced management of raw process materials and optimized additive distribution in every layer, increasing physical and mechanical properties of the film as well as light and heat transmission.

Applications and properties of Bandera’s Lines for Agricultural Film

Greenhouse cover film (from 6 m to 24 m open width)

to ensure high level of protection against sun, wind and rain. Suitable for temperature, humidity control and crops protection (it allows earlier harvests and higher yields).

Silo-bags film

suitable for temporary silos, liners for soya and grain storage facilities, groundsheets and bale covers, silage of grass and corn. Barrier type silo bag prevents aerobic deterioration of forage by yeast and mold reduction

Under-Silo film

to be installed under the typical black/white silage covering film to prevent dry matter losses mycotossins and other pathogens.

Silo-stretch film

designed for the wrapping silage of hay. Barrier silage allows the storage away from oxygen in wrapped bales using a stretchable film to improve feedstock conservation.

Fumigation films

used for Soil fumigation, to allow the reduction in the use of fumigants such as methyl bromide by trying to break the emissions during the treatment and keep more active gas in the soil using plastic more gastight VIF/TIF films.

Mulch film

to boost the conservation of soil moisture and water management, to increase the reduction of weed growing and thermal (transparent films) and to raise soil temperature for better and earlier crops.

Low walk-in tunnel film

to offer high protection against wind, rain, thermal variations and crop protection (for earlier and late crops).

The RKW Group: Bandera’s last reference

The last Agricultural Film Extrusion Line Bandera has delivered was in March 2019, when RKW put into operation its new multilayer extrusion plant at their site in Hoogstraten (Belgium).
The Bandera 7-layers Extrusion Line for Agricultural Sector enables the efficient production of various films for applications in agriculture and horticulture. Its implementation has increased RKW’s agricultural production capacity by more than 10 per cent.

Line features enhance customers’ benefits in terms of costs, time pressure and sustainability. It means increased performances in several areas:

  • Quality: consistent product performance
  • Efficiency: optimum price-performance ratio
  • Innovation: driver for new products
  • Versatility: wide fields of application
  • Sustainability: resource-saving recipes
  • Service: expert advice
  • Commitment: reliable partnership

Discover more about our Extrusion Lines

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