The Heavy Duty Bags market keeps growing

Over the last few years, the Heavy Duty Bags industry has been working to reduce film thickness and increase output. Since the beginning, Bandera has faced this new challenge by investigating, with our partners, specific solutions to meet customer need.

triple-flow cooling ring

The triple-flow cooling ring represents one of Bandera’s cutting-edge products. It has been technically improved and combined with the innovative design extrusion heads and the integrated thickness control, allows a significant increase of the output as well as a considerable improvement of both the physical and mechanical features of the film.

Bandera’s HDBFlex® lines are more and more appreciated and sought-after on the market. Most of all in the HDB sector and with six projects to develop through 2018 and 2019, China has always played a key role in Bandera’s turnover. The European and South East Asia market are very important too: from the beginning of 2017 to the present, Bandera has received orders from Italian, Polish and Malaysian producers.

For the future Bandera is planning to keep improving the components of the HDB lines in order to guarantee increasingly efficient products and to switch from a standard 3-layer configuration to a 5-layer one taking advantage of its great flexibility and its optimized mechanical features, which ensure a very high standard.

For further information, please contact Mr Luca Magni, Blown Film Sales Manager – l.magni

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