Eurocast meets Bandera: an historical and innovative partnership in the field of plastics extrusion

Moving towards Circular Economy thanks to extrusion technology

Bandera and Eurocast started collaborating in 2007, 12 years ago, when Eurocast were introduced to the extrusion technology of Bandera, starting a partnership that still lasts today. The companies are now technological partners in the plastics extrusion field.

EUROCAST: single and multilayer films

EUROCAST, based in Poland, is one of the leading European manufacturers of flexible polypropylene and polyethylene films (single and multilayer) and PET rigid films, intended for the production of food and medical packaging, as well as a wide range of industrial applications.

BANDERA: extrusion lines for plastic materials

Bandera, based in Italy, is one of the leading European companies in the field of design and production of extrusion lines for Blown Film (Packaging and Converting, Industrial Bags, Agricultural Film, Geomembrane) and Flat Die film (Rigid Film, PET lines, sheets, special technologies).

Well-known for reliability and innovation, Bandera is not only a producer but also a centre for knowledge and technology, thanks to THOE (the House of Extrusion®). This is an area of more than 6,000 mcreated to carry out R&D activities and extrusion trials on complete production lines provided by Bandera, for all its partners, with a view to knowledge sharing.

Eurocast meets Bandera: an historical and innovative partnership in the field of plastics extrusion

The first line was supplied in 2007; since then another 3 lines have been added and each one has increased productivity and the company’s sales volume.

Eurocast has shown itself to be keen on the “green” implications of the sector and for that, too, the co-operation with Bandera has been highly profitable: over 10 years ago the Italian company pursued Extrusion Intelligence® with the use of the innovative “twin screw” technology that allowed the processing of PET, 100% recyclable.

Over the years these companies still share an approach towards “Circular Economy” which led to the supply of other lines dedicated to the production of lightweight packaging, using less material.

The latest, innovative extrusion line

The latest line supplied to Eurocast is a multi-product line, the combination of the latest technological heights reached by Bandera.

In order to make the best use of the raw materials and of the technologies, this new line combines the advantages of Lighter Packaging®, Foamed Sheet and extrusion of new “green” materials to reduce the use of plastics, although the high performance of the products remain the same.

Plastic Packaging Rethinking: extrusion of recyclable materials

In order to reduce the use of plastics, to increase the use of recyclable materials and to reduce energy consumption, EUROCAST organised a meeting “Plastic Packaging Rethinking”, on 13th/14th June 2019 in Breslavia, Poland. The aim is was to share proactive solutions for environmental protection and these were the main themes of the speeches by the leading authorities in the sector.

The meeting aimed to incorporate the environmental needs into the market requirements creating solutions that comply with the Circular Economy, focusing on the important role of plastic and its proper use.

Among the speakers, Bandera explored the theme “Technological solutions for Rigid Films treatment”. Emilio Del Re (Senior Sales Manager) explained how the technological development in the extrusion sector can ensure the sustainability of the plastic materials cycle. Among other topics, Bandera discussed the PURe® Technology, energy consumption, the use of foamed sheets for the production of Lighter Packagingand innovative biodegradable materials, such as PLA.

Extrusion: It’s time to look to the future

Bandera have already launched many international patents (PURe®), some on the verge of radically changing the market (Condor Line®), remaining true to their philosophy of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and technological innovation.

Our work is mainly focused on innovation, studying and exploring new solutions, technologies and materials which is why new or existing customers consider Bandera as the most advanced technological partner”

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