Double purchase order for blown-film lines by a long-term European customer

An important producer from Southern Europe, who has been investing in Bandera’s extrusion lines for many years now, has renewed his trust in the brand, by purchasing two top-performing lines, which will be ready within March – April 2018. Here some details of these two machineries:


1) 5-layers blown film Techno FLEX® line, mainly producing shrink film, lamination film and barrier film. It also processes biodegradable and compostable resins

Main technical aspects of the machinery:
 Useful layflat: 2400 mm
 Thickness range: 20 ÷ 200 μm
 Output: over 450 kg/h ± 10% with die ø 400 mm

2) 7-layers AgriFutureFilm® line, mainly producing agricultural mulch film, agricultural fumigation film, TIF/VIF barrier film and greenhouse cover film

Main technical aspects of the machinery:
 Useful layflat: 3660 mm (already trimmed)
 Thickness range: 25 ÷ 200 μm
 Output: over 650 kg/h ± 10% with die ø 650 mm

Once more Bandera can boast a vast number of loyal customers and great attention and care to their needs. Bandera works to provide more and more innovative technologies and to keep pace with the new trends of the market.
As further proof of this long-lasting and profitable relationship, in the last 25 years Bandera has produced 20 machineries for this specific customer.

For further information, please contact Mr. Paolo Ceol, Blown Film Product Manager –



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