Cognitive extrusion

Whatever you want to call it: Smart Industry, Intelligent Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, FoF Factories of the Future, Digital Manufacturing, Industrial Value Chain, IIoT Industrial Internet of Things, equipment optimisation and operations in the factory, is valued at $3.7T by 2025 (McKinsey Global Institute) making it an inevitable choice for industry manufacturing.

Cognitive extrusion

Our ability to make sense of know-how, data and information around our lines is the key to the importance we give to Extrusion Knowledge
We at Bandera choose to call it IoE Internet of Extrusion ® to include the data and information out of the many sensors that dress our extrusion lines to have control and decision making in real time for product and operation optimisation, including programmed, up to predictive, maintenance via data analysis and use of VR/AR (Virtual/Augmented Reality) tools for intervention and training.

Bandera is also working to include in the extruded plastic, embedded in the polymer compound or applied via different technologies (coating, lamination, printing, forming, labelling, etc) nanoparticles (graphene, 2D materials, etc.) that will give to the final product some intelligence so as to develop the new field of IoP Internet of Packaging®.

This will bring a drastic reduction in wastage, in particular food, due to traceability, content history and an optimisation of the recycled process limiting the amount of plastics that are not included in the regeneration cycle.
Our machines, with the recent patented extrusion lines PURe ® are already playing an important role in making use of recycled plastic for food packaging.

Giovanni A. della Rossa, Innovation & IP Manager, will be available at IoT Solutions in Barcelona Fira 3-5 October at Brokerage Event, to discuss possible collaboration in common projects in the area of IIoT – IoE , IoP and H2020 European research programs.

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