Bandera’s House of Extrusion welcomes Italian Minister

The Italian Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Giuliano Poletti, paid a visit to the Bandera Works and new R&D Centre, the House of Extrusion, this past October 27 afternoon.

He addressed company delegates in his remarkably informal and straightforward manner, showing his sincere interest and appreciation towards our company and its valued employees. All attendants to the Minister’s reception at our company facility felt very proud for this visit, as it strengthened their consciousness of the role Bandera plays in the Italian industry and for the Italian industry in the World.

Minister Poletti underlined that the manufacturing industry and all of its different sectors, such as for instance the sector of plastics, to which our company belongs, represent the foundations of the Italian system. The objective of our Government is to give all manufacturing concerns the necessary tools to allow the growth of their industrial credibility in the global market.

Furthermore, he focused on the precious heritage possessed specifically by those companies, which, such as Bandera, manufacture entire lines. In fact, the manufacturer of a complete line is a keen expert connoisseur of the finished product. This heritage and the knowledge that goes with it are the real tools leading to the core of the process to work for and achieve innovation and development.

Finally, he spoke about the central role played by the technical personnel within a manufacturing concern, who represent the supporting keystone of industries that carry out manufacturing alongside with innovation and, consequently, ensure their presence in the market and, simultaneously, support their actions for development and innovation.

We believe our company embodies the last two aspects Minister Poletti spoke about, since, beyond any doubt, these are the distinctive features characterizing Bandera in the global market.

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