Bandera US was born for the North American market

Responsiveness, local staff and location.

Based on these three qualities, Bandera US was born, a new company belonging to the historic brand.

Bandera has long been a world leader in the extrusion industry. Bandera US is a dedicated company, with independent management, created from a branch of the holding and living under its business.

With the establishment of Bandera US, the company completes the strategic plan in North America. Together with the offices in China, Indonesia, South America and Italy, it will allow a better global management of sales technical assistance and spare parts services; it will also give the possibility to create a remote assistance system that covers all 24 hours of work thanks to a new centralized management system of requests for assistance.

Bandera US: Blown Film, Recycling and a dedicated team

Bandera’s decision to support the North American market with a new subsidiary was developed from the desire of the holding company to consolidate and expand its presence in the area with complete Blown Film lines, both dedicated to packaging and converting, and larger lines for the production of agricultural film and geomembrane, a market in which Bandera is a renowned global leader.

The boost provided by the circular economy policies has changed the face of the plastic extrusion sector, defining the centrality and need to give new life to recycled material. Bandera has always carried out this cause, which notoriously designs its lines to obtain the best efficiency and maximum production flexibility. Therefore, the recycling sector and the promotion of lines dedicated to PET (bottle to bottle, bottle to tray) or polyolefins (single or cascade version twin-screw extruders and plants dedicated to odor removal and contaminated) will be central to Bandera US’s commercial strategy

Bandera US: Chicago’s choice and dedicated team

This isn’t Bandera’s first entry into the American market; in fact, since 2010 the company had entered and continues an important strategic alliance with PTi, an exceptional player for the supply of flat-die extrusion lines. The latter has been relying on Bandera technology for more than 10 years for HVTSE extrusion systems for PET / PLA, patented high vacuum twin-screw systems that allow direct extrusion of PET (whether virgin or recycled) without the need for pre-treatments.

Chicago, convenient and centrally located, has been chosen as headquarters of the new company to consolidate and preserve this successful partnership with American partner PTi.

Bandera US will make use of an experienced and talented team of local staff along with specialists from the main company; the purpose is clear, support the North American market with the extraordinary corporate culture of Bandera, a company on the international scene for more than 70 years.

In this way, the entire North American market will be able to take advantage of a complete sales, service (field & remote) and locally stocked spare parts availability.

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