Bandera new Spare Parts Centre in Beijing, China

At the beginning of May 2017, a major event took place, marking a crucial strengthening of the existing technical and commercial cooperation between Bandera and Nanjing Yangzi Plastic & Chemical Company – a relationship of mutual trust that has lasted for sixteen years in the field of extrusion of blown film for industrial sacks (HDB).

Bandera has committed itself to opening a new Spare Parts Centre in Beijing, China, with the aim of ensuring the immediate availability of spares directly in China’s mainland as well as in Asian countries, thus strengthening the positive impact of Bandera brand all over China and in other countries.

spare parts beijing

The direct supply of spare parts by Bandera to the Spare Parts Centre in Beijing will guarantee an enhanced Overall Extrusion Equipment Effectiveness to all the existing lines, by allowing quicker interventions for the programmed maintenance and for the prompt resolution of possible spare parts’ replacements, to maintain a continuous production.

The agreement also includes:

  • the quick availability of local service engineers (trained by Bandera);
  • technical support for all customers even outside China.

Nanjing Yangzi Plastic & Chemical Co. is the largest producer of FFS film in Asia and C. M. Luigi Bandera is a manufacturer of excellent FFS film production lines in Europe, who has been implementing continuous technological innovations dedicated to such application, basing on the brand-new raw materials and on the new requirements in this specific market.

Sixteen years have passed since the beginning of the cooperation between Bandera and Nanjing Yangzi Plastic & Chemical Co. in 2001 and thirteen FFS lines have been imported from Bandera since then. Both parties have not only gained good economic benefits, but have also enhanced their mutual understanding and developed a close friendship.

There will be huge demand for FFS film in the market as well as a higher requirement for environmental protection. Having gained a good reputation, with remarkable FFS film lines (19+5) references, thanks to the cooperation with its partner from Nanjing, through a prompt after-sales service to its customers, by sharing years of experiences in production and now a timely satisfaction of the requests for spare parts, Bandera will further improve its reputation in China.

Bandera in China is promoting a complete production program dedicated to the blown film technology, including:

  • Process materials
  • Multi-layer films – 3, 5, 7 and 9 layers
    For technical food packaging and medical / pharmaceutical industries, lamination, printing and converting
  • Agrifilms
    High output, multi-layer up to 7 layers, width over 22 m, special extrusion die head with diameter over 2500 mm
  • Thick geomembrane films
    Used in civil and industrial waterproofing systems
    Innovative technologies for the production of bags in biodegradable material as well as shrink film for covering pallets and stretch hood covering

Mrs. Ida TIAN
Beijing Representative Office
Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera S.p.A.
p +86 (0)10 6583 1285
m +86 139 1185 6359
Room 1201, Tower A, Jiatai International Building, No. 41 Dong Si Huan Zhong Lu
Chaoyang District, Beijing
Post code: 100025

Ms. Gaia NEGRI
Bandera headquarters in Italy
+39 0331 398 132

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